All I Want is Wingstop Girl funny tik tok viral video clips

TIK TOK GIRL I worked ten hours all I ate was nothing nothing

First of all

All I Want is Wingstop

Experience the hilarious viral video that took the internet by storm. Watch as a hangry girl demands Wingstop after a long day of work. Laugh along with the other patrons in the car as she expresses her hunger and frustration. All she wants is Wingstop!

Not to mention

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About Wingstop

Wingstop is a viral sensation that started with a hangry girl's craving for our irresistible wings. We take pride in serving high-quality, flavorful wings that are made to perfection. Join the Wingstop craze and discover why everyone is saying 'All I want is Wingstop!' All i want is wingstop, I worked ten hours. I at nothing nothing

All I want is Wingstop!